David Blaine’s Disappearing Card Trick on Jimmy

David Blaine Seemed on the Jimmy Kimmel show to market his TV special, Real or Magic. There, he revealed why Harrison Ford kicked him out of his house and other disappearing card tricks he played on celebrities.

During His interview, he performed a disappearing card trick that astonished the audience and left Jimmy Kimmel speechless. If you see the comments, it actually made people feel that David Blaine has supernatural powers.

card trick pick a card

What was the trick?

David Asks Jimmy to choose a card. Following that, the card he picked is imprinted on the sharpie he gave him before the trick.

Jimmy Then signs the disappearing card, and David sets it at the center of the deck. He asks the viewer to mention a lawsuit besides the one on Jimmy’s selected card.

As David squeezes back on the deck, the deck starts to shrink. trick vanish from the deck right before everyone’s eyes. David turns across the deck, and each suit is now the one that the audience randomly called out, and at the center is Jimmy’s card.

Let’s watch the performance first.

So how Did he do it?

This Trick likely isn’t the ideal choice to perform on live tv since there is a lot of room for error.

Step 1: Pairing the Card

When David asks Jimmy to Choose a, it is really forced on him. You are able to see the pinky break he has on the deck until he spreads the cards to get Jimmy to choose.

Jimmy Was going to choose the 7 clubs no matter what.


Don’t worry about forcing or having it appear on the sharpie. This is another move that David added in only for a better effect. You don’t have to force a card on these. Also, it doesn’t have to be on the sharpie.

They can select whatever card they want. They could show you, or They can decide not to. It doesn’t matter. This trick’s effect eliminates the additional suits and uses over half the deck to disappear before the spectator’s eyes.

Step 2: Eliminating the other suits against the deck

This is The insecure part. He’s got to change the complete deck he has now to one which has only hearts.

The camera angle isn’t clear on David, so it could be hard to notice, but see as David asks Jimmy to sign the card. He gets up marginally from his seat and switches the complete deck with the ready one.

How did he understand the audience would choose hearts?

For Those of you wondering, yes, it was hearts altogether. Thus, how did he know the woman would choose hearts? He did not.

Watch The video again and how he chooses his voice when he tells her to name a suit. He doesn’t tell her to mention a suit the deck will change into. He says, “Name a suit, any lawsuit… to ELIMINATE.”

Therefore, If the girl said something like diamonds, he could say, “Ok, now name another suit.”

So, yes, It was very fortunate that the woman picked hearts right away, so the effect of this trick was way greater.

Step 3: The Sleight of Hand Grip That Makes It Look Like a Full Deck

This Move is the thing that makes this trick what it is. It is a sleight of hand that lets you spread out the cards in the deck to make it resemble a complete deck, even if you only have about 13 out of the 52 in your own hand.

It will take a lot of practice before you can even try it in front of an audience.

Watch the disappearing Card Trick Tutorial below

disappearing card trick


I have read about this single trick on many forums and discussion boards.

There is one thing that makes this trick look so cool. It appears hopeless and unnatural to the human eye. There’s no plausible explanation they can produce on how you did the trick.

People Who watch that are convinced that David Blaine has supernatural abilities. That’s how powerful this suggestion is.

It will take a long time to practice, yes, but it is going to be worth it, certainly

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