How to Do David Blaine’s Card in Lemon Card Trick

lemon trick

In David Blaine’s TV special, Real or Magic, he performs a magic trick (lemon trick) on Harrison Ford. Basically, Harrison chooses a card and it disappears from the deck. David asks him to require a chunk of fruit and cut it, and within is Harrison’s card. Harrison is thus astonished at the trick and blown away by David’s “power” that he tells him to “Get the [heck] out of [his] house.”


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When I initially saw this trick on his show, I assumed it was a fake. I thought Harrison was in thereon as a result of there’s no way it will actually be possible. Before we have a tendency to find out how to try and do the trick, let’s take a glance at David performing it to Harrison first.

David Blaine Harrison ford Lemon trick watch it first

Now, let’s learn the way to do it. It truly takes slight of preparation to try and do it. That means you have got to set up the lemon beforehand. As a result of David at random told Harrison to choose any piece of fruit from his fruit bowl, it leads me to believe that each piece of fruit was prepared this way.

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Want to know about David Blaine?

David Blaine (born David Blaine White; April 4, 1973) is an American magicianillusionist and endurance artist. He is best known for his high-profile feats of endurance, and has set and broken several world records. Penn Jillette called Blaine’s first television special, Street Magic, “the biggest breakthrough (in television magic) done in our lifetime” for changing the perspective of television viewers toward those seeing the trick live

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The Signed Card Trick by David Blaine

signed card trick

Here’s yet another Suggestion by David Blaine. You will learn Signed Card Trick in this tutorial.

This suggestion is best performed sitting down with a hard surface (like a table) where you can set the cards down. You’ll require a marker for this trick so the spectator can signal their card.

What Signed Card trick Looks alike

The spectator “randomly” chooses a card. They sign their name on the back. Then they “randomly” select another card, and sign their name on the front. Both cards are placed face up on the table. Once you give the first card a tide, the signature on the rear disappears and moves to the rear of the second card.

You’ll notice that in a lot of his card magic, the major key to this trick is doing the double lift. This one is no different. It just shows you how powerful the double lift is, and the versatility it gives you in your moves.

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How To Flick Card like a pro – Learn Two ways to perform it

Power of four

Flicking a card from the deck can not be regarded as a whole magic trick itself, but it's among the coolest ways to finish a card trick. You will learn how to flick card.

This is particularly true when the trick involves locating the card that your audience has chosen.

Rather than taking the card out with your hands and asking, "Is this your card?" Flicking it from the deck and grabbing it on your hand can turn your suggestion from fair to great.

how to flick card

These are not gimmicky prop tricks that require no skill. They do require a lot of practice before you're going to have the ability to perform them for an audience.

First Technique to flip a Card

Technique 1 is more challenging to learn and requires larger hands, as soon as you master it, but it's significantly smoother and dependable. It is natural and looks cooler.

Still, both are tricks to get will add flare to any trick you do and in your arsenal. But this comes at a cost. The grip is a lot harder to do.

You'll discover that transitioning to the grip is in itself, a challenging thing to master.

Second technique to flip card like pro!

This is a far more easy card flick for people having trouble with the first way.

Technique 2 is more easy for people with smaller hands. The grip is much easier on your hands unlike technique 1 which can cause sore red lines. If you hold it for too tight or too long.

However, from bending the card, as it uses friction, I find it less reliable than technique #1 in some certain situations.

Still, both are awesome tricks to have in your arsenal and will add flare to any magic trick you do.

Graham Jolley’s Card Trick That Fooled Penn and Teller

Fooled Penn and Teller

On the series, Fooled Penn and Teller: Fool Us, professional magicians come on to the stage to do magic tricks. If Penn & Teller can not tell how they did the trick, they win. Let us learn how to do it.

This trick is absolute gold for men and women that love card magic, but despise practice. The result was good enough to fool some of the greatest magicians of all time. But anyone can learn how to do it in under 10 minutes. It is one of the few professional card tricks that we categorize as "Easy".

Let's watch the fool penn and teller Card Trick

The trick uses mathematical calculations. It is one of those tricks that uses math, and it simply works almost like real magic. Meaning, you do not need to do all of the calculations yourself. The deck of cards does it for you.

what is Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Penn & Teller: Fool Us is a British-American television programme. Its first two seasons were hosted by Jonathan Ross, and the third and fourth seasons by Alyson Hannigan

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Learn How to Do David Blaine Shapeshifter trick

shapeshifter trick

You might have seen the Shapeshifter move done by David Blaine in a couple of his street magic shows. It is a really cool to disclose a card to a person at the end of a card trick.


The Shapeshifter trick transfer is a color change, meaning that the viewer is displayed one card but it instantly changes into another card. It is a very cool illusion. I remember freaking out the first time I saw it done live.

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NOTE: this isn’t a trick in itself. It is a card sleight of hand technique which you can incorporate into your other card tricks to make them look cooler.

 ShapeShifter Trick by David Blaine

You will want to practice it a lot before you can confidently perform it in front of an audience. It takes time to get a feel for the specific quantity of pressure to put on the cards.

The Rising Card

rising card

The Rising Card is among the most popular tricks in card magic.

It does involve a bit of setting up before you do it, but if you do it perfectly, nobody will have any suspicion of it and it does look like real magic.

What Rising card looks like

Basically, you're rising up a card from the deck when it's in the box.First, you ask the viewer to decide on a card. You put the card back in the center, then you put the deck back in the box.

You hold up the box in the front of the audience and gradually, the card they picked just rises by itself from the deck.

rising card trick

Rising Card Trick Tutorial

There are two parts to this trick. A sleight of hand, and the actual climbing trick.

First, a sleight of hand is used to deliver the card they picked back to the peak of the deck.The sleight of hand employed in this trick is called the Double Undercut.

And this is exactly what it looks like:

rising card

It is such a terrific move to have the ability to bring any card back to the top. You can find out how to do this in our double undercut tutorial.

It is a crucial part of the trick.

The next part of the tutorial is where we learn to create the card rise from the deck.

Here is the big secret: There is a hole cut out in the bottom of the box of cards.

rising card

We use the dual undercut to control the card back to the top so that it is the first card in the deck. Once we put it back in the box.

All we must do now is to push up the card with our index finger.

Rising Card

Will people be suspicious of this box?

Don't worry about the people being suspicious about there being a hole at the back of the box.

In actuality, at the start of the trick leave the box face down right on the table in front of everyone. That makes it even more amazing since it was there right in front of them the whole time. So that they won't suspect anything.

At the conclusion of the trick, simply take the card out together with the rest of the deck. And casually put the box away in your pocket.

Just like this:

Watch the full Tutorial of the rising card trick

NOTE: In this video, he skips part 1 of the trick and just places the card straight on top of the deck, rather than place it in the middle.

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How to Do The Double Lift

Double lift

How to Do The Double Lift and the double elevator (also known as the Dual Turnover). Also, it is a vital move for any serious magician. It's the prime movement used in various classic card tricks.

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What is the Double Lift?

It's a sleight of hand technique where the Magician lifts two cards at the same time but makes it look like only one card (the top card on the deck). To spectators, it looks like the magician is revealing theTop card, but it's mainly the second card.

Why is it such a significant trick to master?

The double elevator is a skill which every magician practice until they can do it with their closed eyes. It's a remarkably powerful trick which can be utilized in various magic tricks. Principally some classic tricks rely only on using double lifts (also known as the Dual Turnover).

For instance, if you can master this double lift, doing something simple as this trick below can amaze audiences.

1. Do a double lift is showing the second card but making it look like it was the top card.

2. Put the hidden top card in the center of the deck.

3. Show the new top card (which used to be the second card); it magically floated from the center of the deck back to the top.

 It's a fantastic thing to See for men and women that are unaware of this technique. Here is an illustration of how such an easy move can amaze crowds. Here David Blaine performs a trick for the Dallas Cowboys.

The entire trick revolves around doing a double lift twice, and completely misleading the viewer. You'll see the striking effect the trick has, rather than simple techniques.

The trick by David Blaine involves two identical cards, and it is explained in more detail in this tutorial.

Types of Double lift Card Tricks

We will merely focus on four commonly used ones. There are many types of double lift and if you just learn these four types of double lifts, mastering other types will be easier for you. 

You will also notice that the easier it looks on the screen, the more difficult it is to master.

1. Push Off Double Lift

This is the double lift that Chriss Angel, David Blaine, and several other professional magicians decide to use. It's also the one that you will see in the video below where he makes it two times right in front of the Dallas Cowboys audience, and they don't suspect a thing. 

In this way you can present trick and lift up a card from a deck is so natural and it is hard for the audience to suspect that you are raising two cards at one time.

This type is a most difficult double lift to master it You may have the ability to understand how to do it with just a little bit of practice, but it is going to take you at least more than one month to practice it before you're prepared to do it in front of public

You should be warned though, Despite the fact that it looks awesome and rarely ever draws any suspicion, it can be tricky to pull off with an older/flappy deck of cards. There's very little room for error and a high prospect of both cards misaligning.

2. Basic Double Lift

The Standard double lift is truly easier to perform. It's the ideal way for beginners to begin. However, it doesn't look natural. Even you make this move correctly, it will still attract plenty of suspicions even from people who don't know what it is.

The necessary move Contains only lifting two cards in your hand and flipping it.

As you feel more comfortable with the "feel" of picking up two cards naturally, the other processes will be a lot easier to master.

3. The Double Turnover

The Double Turnover is another method that's suitable for beginners. It's just slightly more challenging than the simple move and looks a little bit more natural. This is because rather than lifting the cards, you just turn them over face up on top of the deck. After showing card, you turn them back over again.

Have a Look at what it Looks like and the way to do it in the video below.

Although it looks a lot More natural, it's not concealed enough to make it one that professionals or experts prefer to use.

4. 2-Card Pushover

The 2-Card Pushover is By far the hardest to master. However, it is the most reliable and natural By reliable, means it performs or works well under pressure and with different conditions of a playing card.

The 2-Card Pushover is like the Double Turnover but looks much better. Have a look at the video below. You will learn in the video how to do the 2 Card Pushover

Which Move is the Best One?

The 2-Card Pushover is them move I recommend for anyone who's prepared to spend some opportunity to practice it.

The 2 Card Pushover and the Push Off Double lift that David Blaine uses would be both more popular among specialist illusionists. However, the 2-Card Pushover works better under pressure.

But the push off is more sensitive to mistakes (Including both cards misaligning) that the two card pushover allows much greater control even with older decks.

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David Blaine Teaches a Card Trick to the Staff at Esquire

David Blaine

David Blaine is famous for a whole lot of street magic. Where David Blaine card trick reveals tips to bystanders. This time, he plays a card trick to the editors in Esquire Magazine.

At the conclusion of the trick, he explains how it is done.This demonstrates that even world class magicians like David Blaine performs easy-to-perform tricks like this one.

The only distinction is that he's able to communicate and build up the trick. In his own special way to make the effect even more spectacular.

david blaine card trick

Learn David Blaine Card Tricks Revealed

Like most street magic tricks, the art is in the way you communicate the trick to fool their minds rather than the actual trick itself.

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David Blaine’s Hand Sandwich Card Trick Revealed

David Blaine

That is my absolute favorite card trick of all time, and I first saw it being performed by David Blaine.

The main technique you need within this trick is the double lift. The trick involves utilizing it twice to transport the card at the spectator's hand with the one you're holding.

David Blaine Street Magic

david blaine

He perform such magic tricks in streets you can learn and create your own audience.

It is so amazing that even if you get stuck doing the double elevator, and folks know that you're lifting two cards, they still cannot figure out how you did the trick.

Here is your tutorial and performance:

You just Learned hand sandwich card trick in this tutorial.

Today, David Blaine likes to make people pick a card prior to beginning the trick. This makes the trick look way cooler, but it looks just as cool if you just do it with any arbitrary cards. The principal result is in changing the card in their own hands.