What is the Pinky Break Card Sleight

pinky break

Pinky break is an essential move in the card magic. This pinky break is used in numerous tricks.

The major function of the pinky break is mainly to mark the exact position that one wants to control the deck.

Lets for an example when the viewer selected the card from the deck randomly, and then you secretly place that in the center of the deck.

pinky break

By using the pinky break,

you can mark up the real position where exactly the card was inserted. This move is effective to get a number of things done mostly and mainly depends on the card trick which you are performing.

This move helps the magician to do several other sleights like the double lift.

Let suppose if the person, not reached at the level of ability to do double life by its close eyes so it can use a pinky card break until you are able to perform two cards tricks accurately.

and how you can make it accurate in a way that it is hidden from viewers’.

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