Penn & Teller Reveals How to Saw a Woman in Half, and then ACTUALLY Saws Her in Half

The classic age old trick of sawing someone in half. It’s been around for as long as stage magic has been around. A woman lies down in a box with only her feet and head sticking out on both ends. The magician then saws the board in half, and then splits them apart.

To the untrained eye, it appears that the woman is sawed in half. However, Penn & Teller reveals that this is a really straight out-of-the-box trick that anybody can do. All they need to do is order the entire stage setup from a magic dealer.

Wait there’s more

In this video, Penn & Teller reveals how the trick is done, but then goes further and actually saws her in half! Now, that one will require some more thinking.


Here is Video Transcript:

eventually every act in Las Vegas Nevada

does some version of this trick sawing a

woman into halves so we thought we would

do our version to save you from having

to see any other shows in Las Vegas and

it features a woman from our live show

in Vegas our fire-eating showgirl

Georgie Byrne a sec right here Georgie

does all the hazardous duty in the Penn

& Teller show watch watch the saw blade

there click now after putting her in a

cheap plywood box and filling her

beautiful legs with splinters we then

add insult to injury and put these up

stocks around her here you hear out of

your face near what you shoulder it this

is the only trick in the Penn & Teller

show that is right off the rack you can

buy this whole set up just like this

from a magic dealer the one change we

made is it the saw blade the one that

comes with it is really fake cheap

aluminum we book out of a nice heavy

steel blade in there and y’all said

Georgie and give me a hand with this

challenge kind of heavy and a little bit

of acting George

and then to show that she really is

separated and then put these blades in

and there you have it Georgie and burn

assic a woman sawn into halves right


now when you see real magicians do this

trick at this point they start moving

really fast and they put the box back

together really quickly pull out the

blades have her stand up and get her off

on good off stage quickly as they can

and the reason they hurry so is the

magicians worried that this moment is

the most vulnerable part of the whole

trick and they worry that they let an

audience stare at this moment for too

long they’ll figure out how the trick is

being done we’re okay with that and the

first thing you realize it’s based on a

pretty flimsy psychological principle

you’re not supposed to notice the change

in height when someone goes from

vertical to horizontal

now Georgie’s a rather special case

Georgie’s almost six-foot grade so bring

her on a my side of the stage I’m six

seven you’re not supposed to notice when

she lay down she shrunk right up to five

foot ten one should noticed that he

start to realize that the tabletop is

not as thin as your first thought but

trim is thin but the black goes back in

a wedge by the time it’s under the box

that has plenty of depth conceal that

part of Georgie that’s no longer

accounted for and the blade doesn’t

really come near her eyelet

let’s show you here get in here here

tell it ah George you came in feel the

breeze off that can you George under and

it’s completely safe there’s a metal rod

in place it stops the saw blade from

going too

don’t tell her she’s not done she’s okay

she’s okay she’s cheese cheese cheese

actually she’s not

there’s some pathology there is fine

he’s plan

tellers fault was tellers fault uh he’s

supposed to hold it back there you know

jury of my peers could never

oh I don’t know what just happened

Wow she’s okay

need a band-aids and meals for you good

yeah she’s good be it’s magic ladies and

gentlemen now that is a classic magic


but wherever you guys put your own spin

on it when you when you’re involved in

magic at all some of you always says you

know why don’t you solve woman in half

it’s been working on this for years to

find a way to do the classic trick but

do our little version of it and during

that trick not only do we do a different

trick we also give away how everybody

else does it yeah we saw they stepped it

up a lot right I believe that’s the lady

that’s you know I’ve never seen it

before in my life ha ha ha hi and if you

want to see more of these guys magic

they perform live at Rio Hotel and

Casino in Las Vegas Nevada let’s hear it

one more time for Penn & Teller

great job ok

How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube Instantly (As a Magic Trick)

A few days ago, I was watching Penn and Teller’s hit TV show, Fool Us.

On the show, a magician named Steven Brundage performed a magic trick using a Rubik’s Cubethat blew away the audience.

How is a Rubik’s Cube used in magic?

The classic Rubik’s Cube magic trick is to solve it instantly… faster than humanly possible.

The magician literally throws the toy (randomly mixed) into the air and by the time he catches it, it’s solved.

This is what it looks like:

rubiks cube magic trick


As you can see, it’s solved instantly.

Amazing sleight of hand

If you look at it over and over, you can see that he actually makes 4 moves.

Did you catch it?

Watch carefully. It’s extremely quick…

Really impressive actually.
He can make moves to the cube directly in front of you and you wouldn’t notice a thing.

How do you do it?

First of all, let’s watch Steven Brundage perform the trick.

And then we’ll dive into the details.

Here’s the full performance:

Now… the reason this trick is so awesome is because Steven does not use a gimmick Rubik’s Cube, which is the traditional way it’s usually performed.

The Classic Rubik’s Cube trick revealed

Here’s the tutorial on how the basic trick works.

As you can see, it’s a gimmick cube.

That’s the classic way that the trick is done.

BUT… Steven does not use a gimmick cube for his routine

He could perform that trick with any Rubik’s Cube according to his interviews.

I think we can take his word for it considering he would not risk lying about it and then being called out and not being able to do a single trick.

Also, Penn and Teller are sitting right in front of him. If he were using a gimmick cube, his other tricks would simple not have worked.

So now we know how the basic trick works…

But it doesn’t prove how Steven performed his version, and other things such as taking it out of the bag solved without even touching it.

Or what about the last trick where both cubes are symmetrical with one another on all sides?

Steven states that there was no switching going on.

That means: There weren’t extra trick cubes hiding behind the table that he was switching around.

He states: “With all the being said.. Yes I am extremely good with Rubik’s Cubes.”

But nobody’s that good… come on!

This is a real mind-boggler

This trick is killing me.

The classic Rubik’s Cube technique makes a lot of sense. And can be added onto to perform a variety of more spectacular effects.

But what Steven does is just…. there are no words. I can’t even fathom a guess.

He does say in his interview that if he were to use trick cubes, every one of his tricks would look identical as they did when he wasn’t.

But even as he points out these subtle hints, it’s impossible to tell just how he performed this trick without a gimmick cube.


Thanks to PerryThePly, a reader of Rebel Magic for sending in this update!

He’s found something that gets us closer to understanding how this tricks is done.

Video Source: YouTube

The Levitating Woman – Stage Trick Revealed

We’ve all seen it before: The Levitating Woman. It has to be one the oldest illusions in the history of stage magic. It’s one of those tricks where you would never be able to figure out how it works unless someone told you.


You’re about to see why in just a minute.

What the trick looks like?

Once the woman lies down, a sheet is draped over the board.

The lifted sheet gives the audience the impression that only the two chairs at the end of the board are holding it up.

The magician then puts the pretty lady in a trance and slowly raises his hands.

Two assistants remove the chairs.

The lady magically floats up under his hands.

The assistant next to him hands him a hoop, which is drawn over the board so that the lady passes through the middle of it.

women levitating

Next, he slowly lowers his hands and the lady floats down gently.

The assistants put the chairs back to catch the pretty little lady. They unwrap her and she sits up, swinging her legs over the side of the board.

How does it work?

So now you want to know what really happened.

The board is actually being held up by metal rod in the back of the board.

women levitating trick


The chairs do nothing at all. They are only there for illusion.

When the magician isn’t standing there, the rod is clearly visible. But the magician blocks the rod from view with his legs.

The platform that the magician is standing on is the biggest key to this trick.

It is mechanically designed.

Under his feet are two hidden buttons which allows him to control the mechanism up and down.

women in air

These gears are what raise up that pretty little lady with the touch of a button under his foot.

So how does he make the hoop pass through?

That metal rod that the magician is hiding with his legs are attached to the board the woman is laying on in a very specific design.

It is designed specifically for the hoop!

Secret behind women levitating

1. So on the first pass that hoop is brought to the bend of the S.
2. The second pass he does is to untangle the hoop so that he can hand it to the assistant.

This all might sound complicating, but it’s really not. It’s all a prop trick that any magician can do with just the right equipment.

Take a look at the entire performance below.

Watch the complete trick and the revealing

What makes this trick so cool is that you are not even looking at the magician’s legs.

You are so mesmerized by the hoop going around that even if he stepped out of the way so that you could catch a glimpse of the rod, you would probably miss it anyway.

It is really easy to see why this trick is so popular. It is fun, fast, and completely mesmerizing.