3 of Magic's Biggest Card Tricks Revealed

Cali Faces – This extended video is for all you true magic lovers! The Godfather of Magic aka Vinny reveals 3 of the biggest card tricks in magic.
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43 thoughts on “3 of Magic's Biggest Card Tricks Revealed”

  1. Frankly this is an excellent teaching video. Too many YouTube magicians don’t teach their performance that typically includes a lot of irrelevant fidgity fancy cuts and show off moves, let alone the many who haven’t mastered what they are trying to teach. It is obvious this guy has taught and performed these effects many times before. It was refreshing to watch and see a person give proper credit where due and provide the skinny on doing magic for the camera

  2. i need to find this guys OWN channel. vinny is a legend in the magic world. these tricks i would class as fhe next level up from the self working kind, and thus are great to add to a repertoir. magicians generally do public reveals for two reasons. to peak interest amd encourage new magicians, and to misdirecf because they have another method . like he will show you the effect, then show how its done, then show you again but done a different way so he can surprise you at the end. ive done many card tricks of the self working kind that blew me away the first time i followed the instructions. the art of magical is surprise, and its about entertainment. someone unscrupulous could turn this in to a betting game…. after wrapping up the cards in the spectators hand, let him unwrap and pay the scsmmer £1 for every card he turns over from the top that isnt his card, giving back the cards to the scam artist who says beforehand he will give £1 back for every card he deals from the pack from the bottom. …all the time having total control over when that card is revealed because fhe whole time it was palmed in his hand and never was in the handkerchief. i suspect that is a very old fairground scam

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