5 Amazing Card Tricks For Kids

We all attended the magic show and loved this trick of the magician pulling the bunny out of his hat. Card tricks have been passed down for generations to keep magic alive. As a kid, you are always looking for these cool card magic tricks to entertain yourself, friends and family. There are some card tricks that have been passed down for generations to keep the magic alive!

5 Simple card tricks for kids

Kids who hate card tricks? Card tricks are a great way to get to know your kids. If you have some of your sleeves and teach them, you will surely be your favourite and dominate the popularity charts. For kids and beginners, card tricks need to be easy to understand, learn and perform. There are many card tricks for kids that fit this description to make them feel like magicians. Some of these tricks are easy card tricks even for beginners. Read on to find 10 simple magic tricks to teach kids.

1. Mind reading card trick

How to do this card trick with audience
Before you start the trick, count 25 cards so that they are not visible to the audience. Place these 25 cards on top of your deck. Release the card a little. Divide the pack into two separate piles and note where you divided them.

Place the 25 cards face down on the table.

Ask someone to choose a card from the remaining cards in your hand.

Let them memorize it.

Add this card to your deck and ask to add 25 cards from the table.

Mentally count up to 26 and start dealing cards one at a time.

This is your audience ticket!

2. Spell card trick

How to Trick Bring a deck and let the spectator choose a random card.

Look at the bottom card in your hand as your spectator does this. Make a note of it as it is the key to finding the card of your choice.

When the spectator returns the card, make sure the key card is on the card. Place the spectator card on the stack and cut the stack. This will place the key card on top of the spectator card.

Then turn the card face up and spread it out towards you and your audience. If you look at the key card, you will see the selected card.

Then try spelling the cards with each letter card until you reach the selected card.

Example: If the selected card has 10 hits, spell one at a time until you reach the selected card.

3. Is this your card?

Description of Trick

This trick is performed by splitting the deck into stacks of suits.

Example: Hearts and spades on one pile, diamonds and clubs on the next.

You have to do this before your audience arrives.

If you want to do that in front of the audience, make sure you know where the stack is split.

Place the split stack face down on the table in a predetermined pattern.

Ask the audience to choose one of the decks and shuffle the cards in it.

Place it face down on the table and ask them to choose a card from the deck to shuffle.

Have the audience remember the card and return it to the other pile.

Have the cards shuffled in the second deck.

Pick up the stack and start examining them.

Once you see it, add a drama in an intuitive way and lift the card for the audience.

4. Cut the 4 Aces

How to Trick 4 Put four ace on the deck.

The deck is face down and the audience doesn’t know that the ace is at the top of the stack.

Ask the audience to divide the cards into four separate decks.

Check where the last stack of ace is held. Point to one of the ace less stacks and ask the spectator to pick up and hold the stack.

Take the top three cards and ask him to put them down.

Then ask the spectator to move the card from the top of the pile in his hand to each of the other three piles. Repeat this process from the second non-ace deck, moving the top three cards down and dealing one card to each of the other decks.

Repeat this process on the third non-ace stack.

Now you are aware of the situation. Random cards are mixed in the three decks (non-rated). At the top of the ace deck are three random cards, followed by four ace.

In the next step, when the spectator shuffles the cards in this pile, the top three cards move down and the three ace are placed on top of the other pile. The ace remains on the original “ace” stack. When the spectator has dealt the top cards of the “Ace” deck, ask them to flip the top cards of each deck. You reveal the ace.

Pause after the viewer has completed all the steps. Emphasize that the card is messed up, then reveal a big “revelation”.

5. Reverse card trick

How to do the trick.

Spread the deck of cards between your hands.

Ask the viewer to choose a card and look around.

The distribution of the card is finished.

The spectator must return the card pushed face down in the middle of the deck.

We need to emphasize how impossible it is to flip a card in the deck itself.

Next, it should be emphasized that you can find it in the middle of the deck with a single move. Then Hide the deck for a moment and then spread it face up on the table. Behold, the chosen card is placed face down in the middle of the deck.

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