David Blaine’s Jaw-Dropping Stunt (w/Jimmy, Priyanka Chopra & The Roots)

David Blaine & Priyanka Chopra Doing insane Trick


Here is Video Subtitles

-Ladies and gentlemen,
give it up for David Blaine!

[ Cheers and applause ]


-I mean —
-You sounded very excited.

-Yeah, I know.

I have no why
what you’re about to do.

I did not
come to rehearsal on purpose.

But I think it’s safe to say
to the audience —

Do not try
anything you see at home.

-Well, tat’s not the case,

because I’m just gonna try
a few classics.

Something simple.

[ Laughter ]

-I love his reactions.
-How you doing, Priyanka?

-I’m really nervous.
[ Laughter ]

-No, no, no.
Don’t be.

-Like, is there, like…
-Actually, you know what?

gonna come out of my mouth.

-No, no, no.
[ Laughter ]

Just some
simple pieces of magic.

But I need a —
Could I use your phone?

[ Laughter ]

-So glad
he didn’t ask me for mine.

‘Cause that would’ve been a no.
-Yes, you can use my phone.

-I want Priyanka —

I want you
to be able to film this.

-Oh! Yes.
-And you can — yeah.

-You want me to do anything?

You want me
to turn it on or anything?

-I mean, that’s how it
usually works, right?

-No, just —
No, I think we can just —

I think we can just —
-Don’t use my credit card.

[ Laughter ]
-That one.

-Don’t worry.
You can change your code.

[ Laughter ]

-Do you already know his code?

-Can you —
Can you hold this like this?


And I’ll just
record that, as well.

Good. And I might need just
to use this to see the trick.

So, do you want
to see the card trick

or the needle-and-thread trick?

[ Laughter ]

-You’re already in my head.
Already, right?

Uh, the card trick.
Right? No?

We’ll do the needle and thread.

[ Laughter ]

-Oh, my God.

-For this,
I need exactly this length.

What are you stitching.

-Well, I need it exactly,
I’d say…

[ Light laughter ]


[ Laughter and applause ]

-Whew! Whew!

[ Light laughter ]

Very cute.

-No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

-Oh, my God, no.
-No, no, no, no, no.

-Oh, my God!

[ Audience gasps ]


-I can’t focus! I can’t focus!

[ Laughter ]

I’m focusing, I’m focusing.

[ Audience shouts ]

I can’t look at — I can’t —

-Oh, my God.

[ Audience gasps ]

-[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Laughter ]

Oh, my gosh.

Oh…my gosh.

Oh, my gosh.

-I think that’s —

-Oh, man.

-Guys, there’s blood on it
and everything.

-There’s blood on it.
There’s blood on it.

-This is some
“Game of Thrones” stuff.

-This is insane.

[ Audience gasps, shouts ]

-David, stop!

[ Laughter ]


[ Indistinct shouting ]

-Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo,
yo, yo, yo, yo!

Yo, yo, yo!
Oh, my God, yo.

Oh, my gosh.

Oh, for crying —

[ Breathing heavily ]

Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.

-Nah, man! No!

No! No!


Come on, just do it.
Just do it.

Questlove, just come back.
-For what?

-Because you have to see

You have to finish the trick.
This is insane.

-Get him to do it.
-Just — Questlove, please.

Oh, my gosh.

-Oh, God, no, one more time.

[ Audience gasps ]

David, what is going on, dude?
What’s —

[ Laughter ]
Oh, my gosh.

How you doing, man?

No! No, no.
I really —

I don’t know
if I can do it, man.

[ Laughter ]

I feel bad.


[ Audience gasps ]



[ Laughter ]


[ Audience groans ]

-Oh, my gosh, dude.
Oh, my gosh.

I’m so sorry.
-Guys, there’s blood on it.

-I’m so sorry.
That is insane.

-There’s blood on that.
-That is unreal.

Don’t smile, dude.
[ Laughter ]

I can’t —
I can’t unsee this, dude.

I can’t —
Tie it?

In a thing?
In a knot.

All right, yeah.
Make a knot?

Oh, my gosh, David.

I don’t want to do this, man.

Oh, my gosh.

We should’ve done
the card trick.

[ Laughter ]

I’m telling you, we should’ve
done the card trick.

-Oh, God.
My camera skills are horrible.

-Oh, my gosh.
All right.

All right, so…

Oh, my gosh.
I can’t even tie a knot.

I’m freaking out right now.

[ Laughter ]


That’s a knot.

Well, thanks for coming, David.
[ Laughter ]

It’s always good to see you,
and you’re on tour

starting May, uh…
May 9th, in San Diego.

Do you have something?

The card trick.
Yeah, the card trick, yeah.

We should’ve done
the card trick, absolutely, yes.

You’re gonna do that while I —
-I’m still recording, right?

I’m just check — yeah.

[ Laughter ]


-I hope that’s
a normal deck of cards.

-Normal deck of cards.
Yes, yes, yes.

[ Laughter ]

I-I should check it.


Oh, pick one,
pick one, pick one.

[ Laughter ]

Picked one.

Show it to everyone but not you.

You all see it?

Put it back in there?

Oh, no, hold the deck.

Oh, he saw it.

[ Laughter ]

-Yeah, not impressive.
You ripped the card.

[ Laughter ]

Oh, I thought you were showing
me how strong you are.

[ Laughter ]


And I put the rest of it
back in the deck?

On top of the deck.

Oh, I hold it.

God, I feel like
I’m speaking ESL again.

[ Laughter ]


[ Audience murmuring ]

Oh, my God! If that comes out
of where I think it is…

[ Laughter ]

-No. His — His mouth?
Is that what you’re thinking?

No, David, don’t —
-I’m having a —

[ Laughter ]

No, no, no.

Dude, this dude is insane.
[ Audience gasps ]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, my God.

[ Laughter ]



Tariq, you want to do this?

Here, you do this, man.

-It’s like surgery.

-Don’t cut his —

That’s his lip.


-Okay. Okay.


[ Audience gasps ]

[ Laughter ]

[ Laughter ]


[ Audience groans ]


-Jimmy, you must open it
for us to see.




-No way.

[ Cheers and applause ]


-Oh, my gosh.

This is unbelievable.

Could I just have a little water
just to clean up?

-Thank you.

-Oh, wait.
Aw, man.

[ Audience gasps ]


-[ Laughs ]

[ Laughter ]

-Am I clean?

-You’re clean.

-No blood?
No blood.

-A little — no.

-A little blood, I mean.
-Just a little blood, I mean…

-Wow, there he goes.

[ Laughter ]

Do I go to the card now?

[ Laughter ]
That was insane.

You’re about to kick off
a huge tour next month.

You have 36 shows
all across North America.

What can people expect
from these shows?

[ Laughter ]

Expect to see some different —
some different —


-Is my mouth empty?

[ Audience gasps ]


-Is there nothing…?

[ Laughter ]


[ Laughter ]

[ Audience gasps ]


[ Indistinct shouting ]

-Yo, man.

[ Laughter ]


-[ Shouts ]

[ Audience gasps ]

[ Laughter, cheers, applause ]


-I have to throw up.
I have to throw up.

I have to throw up.

I have to throw up.

-David Blaine, everybody!

[ Cheers and applause ]

For tickets
to his North American tour

check out davidblaine.com.

More “Tonight Show”
after the break.

Stick around, everybody.

[ Cheers and applause ]



Q1. Did David Blaine actually sew his mouth shut?

Yes, David Blaine did sew his mouth shut as part of his magic trick. He used a needle and thread to stitch his lips together in front of a live audience.

Q2. How is David Blaine able to perform such extreme stunts?

David Blaine is a professional magician and illusionist who has spent years honing his craft. He uses a combination of physical training, mental preparation, and advanced techniques to perform his stunts.

Q3. Is it safe for David Blaine to perform these stunts?

David Blaine takes extensive precautions and works closely with medical professionals to ensure his safety during his performances. He also trains rigorously to prepare his body and mind for his stunts’ physical and mental challenges.

Q4. What is the purpose of David Blaine’s stunts?

David Blaine’s stunts are designed to challenge people’s perceptions of reality and push the limits of what the human body and mind are capable of. They are also a way for him to connect with his audience and create memorable experiences.

Q5. What was the reaction of Jimmy, Priyanka Chopra, and The Roots to David Blaine’s trick?

They were all amazed and shocked by David Blaine’s performance. They expressed their disbelief and admiration for his abilities and bravery.

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David Blaine’s stunts continue to captivate and inspire audiences around the world. While some may question the safety and sanity of his performances, there is no denying the skill and dedication that goes into each of them. His latest stunt, sewing his mouth shut, is just one example of the lengths he is willing to go to push the boundaries of what is possible.

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