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What is the Double Undercut Card Sleight?

Double undercut card sleight is among the favorite moves in card magic. This best move is very easy to do,

easy to learn and also it looks more natural.

In this move you only need to put a card in the deck’s middle, then simply control this card

at the top of the deck and give the appearance that you did not do anything.

People use so many tricks to perform this easy card sleight as it is the most vital move should be in your collection.

How the double undercut sleight look like when you performed it?

Double Undercut Card Sleight

Here you can learn how doing double undercut card, in case you are comfortable to hold a deck, then this move will not take much practice for you to grip on it.

double cut tutorial

By pushing the card in the center of the deck you need to push it down slowly in this way you can separate it from the rest top half of the deck.

Like this:

Double Undercut tutorial

simply make a gap and you should half the down half in order to get 3 piles, and then you need to control these from the top same like this.

easy card tricks

How easy this move is?

This double undercut card move is pretty easy, you only need to watch this tutorial video in which you can see.

You will master it in no time.

What are the easiest tricks that involve this sleight?

By using the trick, double undercut you can easily perform all those moves that you wondered in your childhood.

Simply make viewers select a card, then put the card back into the deck. By using a double undercut, peek the card at the top.

And simply give it to the audience and allow them shuffle as much as they want.

Find out there card, These are the most Easy Card Tricks For kids  used by many people.

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What is the Double Undercut Card Sleight?

The Double Undercut is a fundamental technique for card control. It can be used to control a selected card to the top of the deck, or to secretly move a number of cards from the bottom of the deck to the top (and vice versa).

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