Dream of Aces Card Trick

The Dream of Aces (also referred to as Grandpa’s Aces) is an incredible card trick which utilizes many card slights.

I first saw it as it had been done with David Copperfield at one of his magical shows.

It seemed amazing.

It’s among those very few card tricks that David Copperfield really performs so that you can imagine precisely

how amazing the effect has to be.

This trick is extremely advanced.

It requires a good deal of practicing of several different moves before you’ll have the ability to do the whole routine successfully.

First, let’s take a look at the trick. Here is David Copperfield performing Dream of Aces.

There are lots of methods to perform this trick, and lots of techniques to create each Ace vanish from the heap.

Each evaporating Ace employs another card sleight to raise the impact of this trick.

David utilizes double stick tape to perform a number of their effects,

but you can find techniques to do so without props or gimmicks.

dream aces card trick Trick

Watch how to do it here:

Unless you are a professional card handler who understands the majority of these sleights previously,

you will likely have to see this a couple times and clinic for at least a couple weeks before you are prepared to do it.

If you are seriously interested in card magic, then that is certainly a hint I’d suggest to practice.

If you do finally understand it, congratulations since there are only a few men and women who understand just how to do the Dream of Aces.

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