How to perform the Elmsley Count perfectly?

Elmsley count is the fundamental sleight card essential for most learning. It is the same as the double lift and is also used in many advanced card tricks.

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What is the Elmsley count?

The move is used to hide card tricks within the deck. This move is mainly used when you are doing the trick based on 10 or fewer cards.

Using this move, you can easily count the deck’s cards and show viewers, although you keep certain cards concealed from the audience’s eyes.

Therefore, you can hold more cards in your hand, but the viewers consider it in a pile.

 Elmsley count Tutorial

To learn Elmsley count, watch the video below and go through the tutorial for how to do it well.

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What is the Elmsley Count?

The Elmsley Count is a technique used in card magic to display the faces of four cards as if they were only one card.

Why is the Elmsley Count important?

The Elmsley is important because it can be used to create a number of powerful card tricks that can amaze and entertain audiences.

How do I perform the Elmsley Count?

To perform the Elmsley, hold the four cards face-down in your left hand. Take the top card and place it on the table, and then take the second card and hold it with your right hand. Pull the third and fourth cards towards you with your left hand, then use your right hand to flip the second card face-up onto the third card. Finally, place the second card face-down on the other three cards.

What are some common mistakes when performing the Elmsley-Count?

Common mistakes when performing the Elmsley Count include flashing the faces of the cards, dropping cards, or not keeping the count smooth and fluid.

How can I practice the Elmsley Count?

To practice the Elmsley, use only two cards and work your way up to four. Practice the count slowly, then gradually speed up until you can perform it quickly and smoothly.

What are some tips for performing the Elmsley-Count?

Some tips for performing the Elmsley include practicing in front of a mirror, using your non-dominant hand to hold the cards, and keeping your movements smooth and natural.

Can the Elmsley Count be used with more than four cards?

Yes, the Elmsley Count can be used with more than four cards, but it becomes more difficult to perform it smoothly and convincingly.

Are there any variations of the Elmsley-Count?

Yes, the Elmsley has several variations, including the Jordan Count, the Ghost Count, and the Frustration Count.

How can I incorporate the Elmsley Count into my magic routines?

You can incorporate the Elmsley into your magic routines by using it to create a number of different effects, such as transposition or a varnish.

How important is a practice in performing the Elmsley Count?

Practice is essential in performing the Elmsley. The more you practice, the more natural and convincing your count will become, enhancing your overall performance.


The Elmsley Count is a powerful technique in card magic that can be used to create a number of amazing effects. To perform the count perfectly, it is important to practice regularly, keep your movements smooth and natural, and avoid common mistakes such as flashing the faces of the cards. With practice and dedication, you can master this technique and create truly unforgettable magic performances.

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