Learn levitating card trick Off The Palm of Your Hand

Learn how to create a card seem as if it levitate up off the palm of your hand. This card trick involves the use of a gimmick card that you just will prepare for yourself. Below is levitating card trick

You’ll want a bit of clear plastic and super glue to try and do this trick. You’ll be able to most likely notice this type of plastic lying around your house from most consumer goods. That you just might have purchased within the past (watch the video if you’re unsure of what I mean).

If you want to learn about levitation here is wiki detail: What is Levitation

Tutorial: LEARN TO levitating card trick

Because of the use of plastic, it’s not great to show in front of an audience who you think will want to take the card and examine it.

That’s the reason many people agree that this is a great levitating card trick for video, but not recommended to perform live.This floating card trick is probably not the best trick for a professional or expert to add to their arsenal, but it’s perfect for beginners. Easy to learn, and fun to perform.

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