Shin Lim Performing on Penn And Teller’s Fool Us: The Greatest Performance I’ve Ever Witnessed

chim lim card tricks

If you haven’t seen this performance, you’re in for a real treat. Close what you’re doing, raise the volume, and watch Shin Lim’s amazing card magic that he performed on Penn and Teller’s TV show, Fool Us. Card magic is usually pretty bland these days. Everybody knows what everybody is doing. New magicians pop onto the scene and … Read more

Amazing Card Throwing Trick

I saw a couple of card throwing tricks on here, which were very good, but after wasting a long time watching the instructions, I was going nowhere. After some work, I concluded the simple piece that was juggling. You should not try to throw the cards but spin them! Here you Watch Quick Video 😉 … Read more

David Blaine’s Disappearing Card Trick on Jimmy


David Blaine Seemed on the Jimmy Kimmel show to market his TV special, Real or Magic. There, he revealed why Harrison Ford kicked him out of his house and other disappearing card tricks he played on celebrities. During His interview, he performed a disappearing card trick that astonished the audience and left Jimmy Kimmel speechless. If … Read more

What is the Double Undercut Card Sleight?

Double undercut

Here are Few Questions you might be interested in Reading What is the Double Undercut Card Sleight? The Double Undercut is a fundamental technique for card control. It can be used to control a selected card to the top of the deck, or to secretly move a number of cards from the bottom of the deck to … Read more

How to perform the Elmsley Count perfectly?

elmlesly count

Elmsley count is the fundamental sleight card essential for most learning. It is the same as the double lift and is also used in many advanced card tricks. Image source: Wordix What is the Elmsley count? The move is used to hide card tricks within the deck. This move is mainly used when you are … Read more


card shuffling tricks

Card Shuffling tricks are essential to learn so that you must look like a professional with a deck of cards from the time you begin to pick them up. It’s a needed skill for a magician. If you fail at shuffling, May be you can ruin your reputation being a skilled magician before the beginning … Read more

Power of Four Card Trick

beginners card tricks

Hello again everybody a lot of people have been sending me Emails and asking me to make tutorial about power of four card trick. This one I really like it’s an important mentalism card trick for beginners and it had me stumped. So the card trick is created by the Robo for one for has 71 … Read more

What is the One Handed Cut and how to do?

one handed cut

This one handed cut is the most vital section of card sleight of hand for all magicians. This move helps you to break the deck from middle by using your one hand. It is most important move and also it looks cool with some other advanced card tricks. How to perform One Handed Cut? To … Read more

Simple Card Trick Anyone Can Learn

Simple Card Trick

This is one of the most Simple card trick that you can master in probably 5-10 minutes of practice. It’s a great trick to do at parties because the reactions are awesome. It’s perfect for beginners because you do not need any slight of hand or special techniques. All you need to do is learn and … Read more

Amazing Card Trick: Making Cards Appear Out of Thin Air

how to make cards appear out of thin air

Have you ever seen a card magician producing cards out of thin air? This is one of my favorite tricks because it looks so thrilling. It’s one of those effects where the move is so cool that it’s good enough to be its own trick. We’re about to learn the way to produce not one, though multiple cards in your hand out of thin … Read more