How to Do David Blaine’s Card in Lemon Card Trick

lemon card trick

In David Blaine’s TV special, Real or Magic, he performs a magic trick (lemon trick) on Harrison Ford. Basically, Harrison chooses a card and it disappears from the deck. David asks him to require a chunk of fruit and cut it, and within is Harrison’s card. Harrison is thus astonished at the trick and blown away by David’s “power” that he tells him to “Get … Read more

The Signed Card Trick by David Blaine

signed card trick

Here’s yet another Suggestion by David Blaine. You will learn Signed Card Trick in this tutorial. This suggestion is best performed sitting down with a hard surface (like a table) where you can set the cards down. You’ll require a marker for this trick so the spectator can signal their card. What Signed Card trick Looks … Read more

How To Flick Card like a pro

Power of four

Flicking a card from the deck can not be regarded as a whole magic trick itself, but it’s among the coolest ways to finish a card trick. You will learn how to flick card. This is particularly true when the trick involves locating the card that your audience has chosen. Rather than taking the card out … Read more

The Rising Card

The Rising Card is among the most popular tricks in card magic. It does involve a bit of setting up before you do it, but if you do it perfectly, nobody will have any suspicion of it and it does look like real magic. What Rising card looks like Basically, you’re rising up a card … Read more

David Blaine teaches magic to the Staff at Esquire

David Blaine

David Blaine is famous for a whole lot of street magic. Where David Blaine’s card trick reveals tips to bystanders. This time, he plays a card trick on the editors of Esquire Magazine. At the conclusion of the trick, he explains how it is done. This demonstrates that even world-class magicians like David Blaine teaches magic … Read more