The Best David Blaine Card Trick Revealed!

David Blaine performing this trick himself:

Hey guys! Another subscriber request! A really cool David Blaine card trick revealed! It is a great example of real magic and mentalism combined, with just an ordinary pack of playing cards! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe! Keep requesting tricks too!!

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38 thoughts on “The Best David Blaine Card Trick Revealed!”

  1. Is it just me or does everyone feel like it’s a great trick at the beginning, but when you get to know how they do it you feel like they’re just cheating.

  2. this is so much better than those narrating fools trying to reveal magic with bluff and guessing. However the trick wouldn't work on me tho, I'd never do what you'd want me to do, put a deck of cards in front of me and ask me to pick one and i always take the odd one, like I could pick the top one or one below the top one or the bottom one, cuz i know that magicians never expect someone to do that.

  3. Don't reveal shit, if you don't really know about it. David Blaine never turns around or does any of that suspicious activity. whatever he does, he does in plain sight. Learn magic first and then decode how real magicians do things…!!

  4. Hey love it but you should really not say push down while adding pressure because that just makes you bend them more and more and more. So please next time think about what you say and don’t assume we know how to do everything


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