Penn & Teller Reveals How to Saw a Woman in Half, and then ACTUALLY Saws Her in Half

The classic age old trick of sawing someone in half. It’s been around for as long as stage magic has been around. A woman lies down in a box with only her feet and head sticking out on both ends. The magician then saws the board in half, and then splits them apart.

To the untrained eye, it appears that the woman is sawed in half. However, Penn & Teller reveals that this is a really straight out-of-the-box trick that anybody can do. All they need to do is order the entire stage setup from a magic dealer.

Wait there’s more

In this video, Penn & Teller reveals how the trick is done, but then goes further and actually saws her in half! Now, that one will require some more thinking.


Here is Video Transcript:

eventually every act in Las Vegas Nevada

does some version of this trick sawing a

woman into halves so we thought we would

do our version to save you from having

to see any other shows in Las Vegas and

it features a woman from our live show

in Vegas our fire-eating showgirl

Georgie Byrne a sec right here Georgie

does all the hazardous duty in the Penn

& Teller show watch watch the saw blade

there click now after putting her in a

cheap plywood box and filling her

beautiful legs with splinters we then

add insult to injury and put these up

stocks around her here you hear out of

your face near what you shoulder it this

is the only trick in the Penn & Teller

show that is right off the rack you can

buy this whole set up just like this

from a magic dealer the one change we

made is it the saw blade the one that

comes with it is really fake cheap

aluminum we book out of a nice heavy

steel blade in there and y’all said

Georgie and give me a hand with this

challenge kind of heavy and a little bit

of acting George

and then to show that she really is

separated and then put these blades in

and there you have it Georgie and burn

assic a woman sawn into halves right


now when you see real magicians do this

trick at this point they start moving

really fast and they put the box back

together really quickly pull out the

blades have her stand up and get her off

on good off stage quickly as they can

and the reason they hurry so is the

magicians worried that this moment is

the most vulnerable part of the whole

trick and they worry that they let an

audience stare at this moment for too

long they’ll figure out how the trick is

being done we’re okay with that and the

first thing you realize it’s based on a

pretty flimsy psychological principle

you’re not supposed to notice the change

in height when someone goes from

vertical to horizontal

now Georgie’s a rather special case

Georgie’s almost six-foot grade so bring

her on a my side of the stage I’m six

seven you’re not supposed to notice when

she lay down she shrunk right up to five

foot ten one should noticed that he

start to realize that the tabletop is

not as thin as your first thought but

trim is thin but the black goes back in

a wedge by the time it’s under the box

that has plenty of depth conceal that

part of Georgie that’s no longer

accounted for and the blade doesn’t

really come near her eyelet

let’s show you here get in here here

tell it ah George you came in feel the

breeze off that can you George under and

it’s completely safe there’s a metal rod

in place it stops the saw blade from

going too

don’t tell her she’s not done she’s okay

she’s okay she’s cheese cheese cheese

actually she’s not

there’s some pathology there is fine

he’s plan

tellers fault was tellers fault uh he’s

supposed to hold it back there you know

jury of my peers could never

oh I don’t know what just happened

Wow she’s okay

need a band-aids and meals for you good

yeah she’s good be it’s magic ladies and

gentlemen now that is a classic magic


but wherever you guys put your own spin

on it when you when you’re involved in

magic at all some of you always says you

know why don’t you solve woman in half

it’s been working on this for years to

find a way to do the classic trick but

do our little version of it and during

that trick not only do we do a different

trick we also give away how everybody

else does it yeah we saw they stepped it

up a lot right I believe that’s the lady

that’s you know I’ve never seen it

before in my life ha ha ha hi and if you

want to see more of these guys magic

they perform live at Rio Hotel and

Casino in Las Vegas Nevada let’s hear it

one more time for Penn & Teller

great job ok

How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube Instantly (As a Magic Trick)

A few days ago, I was watching Penn and Teller’s hit TV show, Fool Us.

On the show, a magician named Steven Brundage performed a magic trick using a Rubik’s Cubethat blew away the audience.

How is a Rubik’s Cube used in magic?

The classic Rubik’s Cube magic trick is to solve it instantly… faster than humanly possible.

The magician literally throws the toy (randomly mixed) into the air and by the time he catches it, it’s solved.

This is what it looks like:

rubiks cube magic trick


As you can see, it’s solved instantly.

Amazing sleight of hand

If you look at it over and over, you can see that he actually makes 4 moves.

Did you catch it?

Watch carefully. It’s extremely quick…

Really impressive actually.
He can make moves to the cube directly in front of you and you wouldn’t notice a thing.

How do you do it?

First of all, let’s watch Steven Brundage perform the trick.

And then we’ll dive into the details.

Here’s the full performance:

Now… the reason this trick is so awesome is because Steven does not use a gimmick Rubik’s Cube, which is the traditional way it’s usually performed.

The Classic Rubik’s Cube trick revealed

Here’s the tutorial on how the basic trick works.

As you can see, it’s a gimmick cube.

That’s the classic way that the trick is done.

BUT… Steven does not use a gimmick cube for his routine

He could perform that trick with any Rubik’s Cube according to his interviews.

I think we can take his word for it considering he would not risk lying about it and then being called out and not being able to do a single trick.

Also, Penn and Teller are sitting right in front of him. If he were using a gimmick cube, his other tricks would simple not have worked.

So now we know how the basic trick works…

But it doesn’t prove how Steven performed his version, and other things such as taking it out of the bag solved without even touching it.

Or what about the last trick where both cubes are symmetrical with one another on all sides?

Steven states that there was no switching going on.

That means: There weren’t extra trick cubes hiding behind the table that he was switching around.

He states: “With all the being said.. Yes I am extremely good with Rubik’s Cubes.”

But nobody’s that good… come on!

This is a real mind-boggler

This trick is killing me.

The classic Rubik’s Cube technique makes a lot of sense. And can be added onto to perform a variety of more spectacular effects.

But what Steven does is just…. there are no words. I can’t even fathom a guess.

He does say in his interview that if he were to use trick cubes, every one of his tricks would look identical as they did when he wasn’t.

But even as he points out these subtle hints, it’s impossible to tell just how he performed this trick without a gimmick cube.


Thanks to PerryThePly, a reader of Rebel Magic for sending in this update!

He’s found something that gets us closer to understanding how this tricks is done.

Video Source: YouTube

The Levitating Woman – Stage Trick Revealed

We’ve all seen it before: The Levitating Woman. It has to be one the oldest illusions in the history of stage magic. It’s one of those tricks where you would never be able to figure out how it works unless someone told you.


You’re about to see why in just a minute.

What the trick looks like?

Once the woman lies down, a sheet is draped over the board.

The lifted sheet gives the audience the impression that only the two chairs at the end of the board are holding it up.

The magician then puts the pretty lady in a trance and slowly raises his hands.

Two assistants remove the chairs.

The lady magically floats up under his hands.

The assistant next to him hands him a hoop, which is drawn over the board so that the lady passes through the middle of it.

women levitating

Next, he slowly lowers his hands and the lady floats down gently.

The assistants put the chairs back to catch the pretty little lady. They unwrap her and she sits up, swinging her legs over the side of the board.

How does it work?

So now you want to know what really happened.

The board is actually being held up by metal rod in the back of the board.

women levitating trick


The chairs do nothing at all. They are only there for illusion.

When the magician isn’t standing there, the rod is clearly visible. But the magician blocks the rod from view with his legs.

The platform that the magician is standing on is the biggest key to this trick.

It is mechanically designed.

Under his feet are two hidden buttons which allows him to control the mechanism up and down.

women in air

These gears are what raise up that pretty little lady with the touch of a button under his foot.

So how does he make the hoop pass through?

That metal rod that the magician is hiding with his legs are attached to the board the woman is laying on in a very specific design.

It is designed specifically for the hoop!

Secret behind women levitating

1. So on the first pass that hoop is brought to the bend of the S.
2. The second pass he does is to untangle the hoop so that he can hand it to the assistant.

This all might sound complicating, but it’s really not. It’s all a prop trick that any magician can do with just the right equipment.

Take a look at the entire performance below.

Watch the complete trick and the revealing

What makes this trick so cool is that you are not even looking at the magician’s legs.

You are so mesmerized by the hoop going around that even if he stepped out of the way so that you could catch a glimpse of the rod, you would probably miss it anyway.

It is really easy to see why this trick is so popular. It is fun, fast, and completely mesmerizing.

Shin Lim Performing on Penn And Teller’s Fool Us: The Greatest Performance I’ve Ever Witnessed

If you haven’t seen this performance before, you’re in for a real treat.

Close what you’re doing, raise the volume, and watch Shin Lim’s amazing card magic that he performed on Penn and Teller’s TV show, Fool Us.

Card magic is usually pretty bland these days. Everybody knows what everybody is doing.

New magicians pop onto the scene and offer slight twists in old tricks and sleights of hand, but nothing is really new. They’re just “twists.”

Then… there are those like Shin Lim who kind of created his own category of card magic.

Trust me… you’ve never seen anything like this.

This is what people are saying after watching this performance:

Yes, you will be able to catch some of the things he does. Some of his sleight of hands are pretty visible to people who are proficient in cardistry.

But some of them…. are unexplainable.

Who is Shin Lim?

A very creative and talented card magician would be an understatement.

He’s the reigning FISM World Champion in Close up Card Magic, and won numerous other awards for close up card magic.

Honestly, I have no idea how he performed some of these moves unless he invented a new piece of technology that none of us know about.

This is not a revealing video. I’m not even going to try to explain how he pulled off some of these moves.

But he does reveal a lot of them himself through his online shop.

I went through every single one of his products to be honest, and I still can’t explain some of these moves.

The one I’m most curious about is how he changed the card inside the plastic bag just by waving it.

The two cards are clearly signed by the participants.

But this is getting slightly off track, as I’m sure you have no idea what I’m talking about yet.

Watch the full performance

Perfect execution

The way he choreographed all of his moves along with the music is impressive.

I particularly loved the Interstellar theme song in the second part.

I don’t think anybody’s been able to figure out every move in his routine yet. But everything is so graceful, and so masterful that it really doesn’t matter.

And yes, he fooled Penn and Teller.


How to perform a False Cut? (Complete Easy Tutorial)

false cut

Primarily, false cut used in different and many card magic. It is the name of the move for cutting deck several times within the hand by giving a look that you are shuffling.

You will need to make sure while shuffling you should keep the card in the same exact order in these were before this move.

false cut

It is probably the first and most important first venture for beginners in card flourishes.

Let us tell you everyone is using different or their own way of doing a false cut. There are multiple variations to do false cut. Those magicians have enough skill and experience in handling cards usually incorporate with fancier sleight of hand.

Why this move need to be fancy?

It is important to give the appearance as you are really shuffling the deck. It needs to give the appearance that several shuffling are being performed by incorporating more flourishes and cuts.

But here we are going to explain the easiest false cut today. This one is the perfect for beginners. However, it might look truly difficult at first sight, but believe us you will be the master of this move in just a little practice.


This video illustrate us how to do a false cut for beginners. Here are the following steps::

Step 1: Take a stack of card and shuffle it normally,

Step 2: Hold on and then split the stack and take a quick pee in the last card by just rotating it in same hand.

Step 3:Now place this stack below the other pile by flipping it and putting a finger in between the two stacks.

Step 4: Now take another pile and again peep in through the last card and then put it up on the second pile and in the mid of the process flip the last pile and see the card .

Step 5: Now flip the last pile and place it above all the piles so that all the points are determined.

Step 6: Now take out the lower most card then the one where finger was placed and the top most and here you are with the known cards.

Thats it.

Watch below More Detailed in video

How to do this false cut? Video

Do you want to learn false cut, but do not want to practice much then the above mentioned false cut is the perfect for you.

Here we will tell the easiest false cut ever. This move of false cut is extremely easy and do not take enough to be a master. However, this move is not at all fancy, and sometimes people might catch that you did not perfectly shuffle the deck.

The move of false cut is extremely fun to do once you master it. As I have seen new magicians, who are practicing the false cut, and then they gripped card flourishes.

Learn more Shuffle Tricks

Card Throwing – the Simple “trick” to Do This Right ( Complete Guide )

I saw a couple of card throwing tricks on here which was very good, but after wasting a long time watching the instructions I was going nowhere.

After some work, I concluded out the simple piece that was juggling. You should not try to throw the cards but spin them!

Here you Watch Quick Video 😉

What are throwing cards?

A fusion of card throwing awesomeness — with a sonic scream. Card throwers destroy dozens of decks while practicing their throwing. … Banshees are the result of an unyielding attention to craftsmanship and the first ever playing cards that are the new standard to creating impact with your card throwing.

Watch card throwing tricks explained in Video

Step 1: Getting Started.

All you need to get started is a deck of cards and someplace to throw them. I would suggest around indoors where you won’t knock stuff over and break it.

Any cards will do, I used inexpensive crappy paper ones and expensive plastic coated ones and didn’t notice a lot of difference.

The main Points to keep in mind are:

*Don’t attempt to throw the card! This seems silly but this is precisely the error I was making. The card has no weight and if you attempt to throw it like you would a heavier thing it will flutter for a little and soil about 2ft away. You will need to twist the card and this activity all comes in the wrist. The faster you are able to spin the card the better it will fly!

*You are going to need to place some forward motion in your forearm but this is a gentle, relaxed movement merely to provide the card some forward momentum.

*You will need to keep your arm and wrist very relaxed. The entire motion does not require plenty of force and you’ll most likely realize that the harder you try and throw the card the less likely you are to succeed.


Step 2: How to Hold Card (Card Throwing).

Throwing card trick

throwing card


The following page shows the two ways I held the card. Both worked for me but you could find one works better than another for you.

The first way was to hold it between your indicator and middle finger in a small diagonal using the tips of your characters on the corner of the card. When you throw it you want the card to pivot around the ends of your characters to give it a spinning movement.

The next way is truly very near the way I hold cards when I am dealing. As you throw it you use your index finger to bring the spin.

Step 3: Throwing Technique

As I said the entire purpose is to have a relaxed, smooth, arm motion to provide the card forward momentum and a relaxed snapping of the wrist to provide the card spin.

You barely have to move your arm whatsoever. The image below shows you the motion that you would like. Do this gently, trust me it’ll work much better this way then trying to put plenty of weight on it.

As soon as you have the technique down (which if I’ve explained this properly should be on about the 2nd or 3rd card you throw) you can get decent distance on each and every card.

The more you practice the quicker you’ll have the ability to twist the cards and the farther and faster you will be able to make them fly.

Check out: Simple Card Forces

Here are Few Questions you Might Find Interesting


How do you throw a card fast?

Snap your wrist forward. In one fast, smooth motion, swing your arm forward from your shoulder and step into throw like throwing a baseball to get the most power and accuracy out of the card. At the end of that motion, unroll your wrist, spreading your middle and ring finger slightly to release the card.

What is the world record for the longest card throw?

The current world record for farthest card thrown is held by Rick Smith, Jr. who threw a card 65.96 meters (216 feet, 4 inches) on December 2, 2002. This is also the current record for the fastest throw, clocked at 148 kilometers per hour (91.96 mph).


How do you throw a card?

With your index finger resting on the top-right corner, place your thumb and middle finger on opposite sides of the card, pressing in on the middle towards each other. Make a peace sign with your dominant hand and clasp a card between the two fingers. Bend them over the top slightly and throw.

How do you deal the cards?

Deal the first card to the person on your left. Toss the card face down across the table to the player. You may also lay the card on the table and slide it to the player. Continue dealing cards to players in a clockwise direction

Do you deal clockwise or counterclockwise?

Dealing is done either clockwise or counterclockwise. If this is omitted from the rules, then it should be assumed to be: clockwise for games from North America, North and West Europe and Russia; counterclockwise for South and East Europe and Asia, also for Swiss games and all Tarot games.

Is clockwise to the left or right?

clockwise (typically abbreviated as CW) motion is one that proceeds in the same direction as a clock’s hands: from the top to the right, then down and then to theleft, and back up to the top.
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Revealed: David Blaine’s Impossible, Disappearing Card Trick on Jimmy Kimmel Live


To Market his TV special, Real or Magic, David Blaine Seemed on the Jimmy Kimmel show. There, he revealed why Harrison Ford kicked him out of his house and other disappearing card tricks he played on celebrities.

During His interview, he performed a disappearing card trick that astonished the audience and left Jimmy Kimmel speechless. If you see the comments, it actually made people feel that David Blaine has supernatural powers.

card trick pick a card

What was the trick?

David Asks Jimmy to choose a card. Following that, the card that he picked is actually imprinted on the sharpie that he gave to him before the trick.

Jimmy Then signs the disappearing card and David sets it at the center of the deck. He asks the viewer to mention a lawsuit aside from the one on Jimmy's selected card.

Instantly, As David squeezes back on the deck the deck starts to shrink. Cards vanish from the deck right before everyone's eyes. David turns across the deck and each suit is now the one that the audience randomly called out and at the center is Jimmy's card.

Let’s watch the performance first.

So how Did he do it?

This Trick likely isn't the ideal choice to perform on live tv since there is a whole lot of room for error.

Step 1: Pairing the Card

When David asks Jimmy to Choose a card, it was really forced on him. You are able to see the pinky break he has on the deck until he spreads the cards to get Jimmy to choose.

Jimmy Was going to choose the 7 of clubs no matter what.


Don't worry about forcing the card or having it appear on the sharpie. This is another move that David added in only for a better effect. You don't have to force a card on these, also it doesn't have to be on the sharpie.

They can select whatever card they want. They could show you, or They can decide not to. It doesn't matter. The effect of this trick is in eliminating the additional suits, and using over half the deck disappear before the spectator's eyes.

Step 2: Eliminating the other suits against the deck

This is The insecure part. He's got to change the complete deck he has now to one which has only hearts.

The camera angle isn't clear on David so it could be hard to notice, but see as David asks Jimmy to sign the card. He gets up marginally from his seat and switches the complete deck with the ready one.

How did he understand the audience would choose hearts?

For Those of you wondering, yes it was hearts all together. Thus, how did he know the woman would choose hearts? He did not.

Watch The video again and watch how he chooses his voice when he tells her to name a suit. He doesn't tell her to mention a suit that the deck will change into. He says, "Name a suit, any lawsuit... to ELIMINATE."

Therefore, In the event the girl said something like diamonds, he could say, "Ok, now name another suit."

So, yes It was very fortunate that the woman picked hearts right away, so the effect of this trick was way greater.

Step 3: The Sleight of Hand Grip That Makes It Look Like a Full Deck

This Move is the thing that makes this trick what it is. It is a sleight of hand that lets you spread out the cards in the deck to make it resemble a complete deck, even if you only have about 13 out of the 52 cards in your own hand.

It will Take a lot practice before you can even try it in front of an audience.

Watch disappearing Card Trick Tutorial below

disappearing card trick


I have Read around many forums and discussion boards about discussing this single trick.

There is One thing which makes this trick look so cool. It appears hopeless and unnatural into the human eye. There's no plausible explanation they can produce on how you did the trick.

People Who watch that are convinced that David Blaine has supernatural abilities. That's how powerful this suggestion is.

It will Take a long time to practice, yes, but it is going to certainly be worth it

If you want to learn more then watch David Blaine Lemon Trick or Card forces

Dream of Aces Card Trick

dream of aces card tricks

The Dream of Aces (also referred to as Grandpa's Aces) is an incredible card trick which utilizes many card slights.

I first saw it as it had been done with David Copperfield at one of his magical shows.


It seemed amazing.

It's among those very few card tricks that David Copperfield really performs so that you can imagine precisely

how amazing the effect has to be.

This trick is extremely advanced.

It requires a good deal of practicing of several different moves before you'll have the ability to do the whole routine successfully.

First, let’s take a look at the trick. Here is David Copperfield performing Dream of Aces.

There are lots of methods to perform this trick, and lots of techniques to create each Ace vanish from the heap.

Each evaporating Ace employs another card sleight to raise the impact of this trick.

David utilizes double stick tape to perform a number of their effects,

but you can find techniques to do so without props or gimmicks.

dream aces card trick Trick

Watch how to do it here:

Unless you are a professional card handler who understands the majority of these sleights previously,

you will likely have to see this a couple times and clinic for at least a couple weeks before you are prepared to do it.

If you are seriously interested in card magic, then that is certainly a hint I'd suggest to practice.

If you do finally understand it, congratulations since there are only a few men and women who understand just how to do the Dream of Aces.

LEARN MORE CARD TRICKS: how to make cards appear in your hand

10 TOP Easy Ways to FORCE a CARD!! Card Forces

Force a card

Hey, guys at rich Ferguson here and you requested it, and so I'm doing it. I'm teaching you ten epic and simple ways you can do card forces in a card trick.

Now, what is fortunate card it's as simple as this?

Also Want to Learn Simple Card Forces? Then try this Article: Simple Card Forces

card tricks

Let’s say you have an ace of spades hidden somewhere in the house and someone sandwich in their shoe whatever it might be then you take out a regular deck of cards.

You have them freely select a card well that selection is not a free choice you secretly force that one particular card on them and then you reveal the impossible.

Card Forces

Card forces

So sit back and enjoy as I teach you ten easy ways you could look like a badass magician and be sure to hit that like button check it out for this first force.

Here we are going to break down one video into pieces with forces Title so that you reach exactly to the same portion which you want to learn. 

So here is Quick Check list of top 10 card forces​.

Quick List


 1. Hindu Shuffle Force

Hold the deck from the sides with your middle finger and thumb like this put up a card you want to force on the bottom of the deck.

Now what you're gonna do is reach underneath the deck with your other hand with your middle finger and thumb and pull off sections of cards from the top of the deck as it shown.

Watch Card Forces Tutorial Here and also read it's transcript below the video

You will need to pull and pull and pull until they say stop and then you show them the card that they selected. Which of course is still the bottom card. Let me show you one more time what's happening up close. In the mechanics the cards on the bottom you pull from the top into the awaiting other hand they say stop, and there's the card but just keep in mind that when you pull don't pull far away like this. Make sure that the cards come back, so it looks like you're just pulling random cards and chunks off of the deck. But what you're really doing is keeping the bottom card intact

2. Salt & Flick Stunt!

Now imagine you have a deck of cards on the table. And you literally flick the pack, and the chosen card appears that's what's next so pull the cards out of the card case and place them on the table.

Then you're going to tell someone all you're going to do is flick the cards and there's their chosen card.

Watch The video Below and The explanation is going to blow your mind 😛

Video Transcript

The explanation is going to blow your mind; it uses salt take a deck of cards put a little bit of salt like four or five little granules of salt onto a deck. Simply put the force card right here on the bottom of this top pack right on top sandwich it up and the rest is almost automatic. Let me zoom in and show you now that you know the secret so I've placed some salt on the deck here's the forced card right here they come out of the card case. Like this put them on the table and you're going to flick with the tip of your finger nail right here up and guess what happens. It automatically flips the card to that location why because there's a slight break in the pack where that salt is what an epic idea give this video thumbs up.

3. Rifle Slip Force

This next one is called a slip force. Hold the deck in your hand like this with your fingers all around the edges and you're going to riffle down one corner with your thum.

What you're going to do is have the victim or spectator tell you when to stop when they tell you to stop just remove that top portion of card but with one little tricky move.

Watch In this Clip How you do Rifle Slip Force.

Video Transcript

So when you hold the deck like this your fingers go around the edge. Which is making contact with this top card right here that allows you to slip that card off secretly. So when you ref open the deck and say stop you're pulling all those cards away except right here for that top card it slides off very quickly and then you show them the card they stopped at. So again it would look like this riffle they say stop you pull and there's the card in this. Awesome and easy card forces you're going to do the same thing riffle your fingers down the edge of the deck like this and what's going to happen is a spectator going to tell you when to stop, and you cut the deck right there and show them the card.

4. RIFLE break FORCE

it seems similar to the previous one but it's way different because this card is in the middle of the deck let me show you up close.

Watch out  this part of the Video.

Video Transcript

it seems similar to the previous one but it's way different because this card is in the middle of the deck. Let me show you up close. The secret start off with the force card on top of the deck then give the cards a cut there's the force card. Right here put it in the middle except what you're going to do is not close that cut all the way it looks squared up from the front but from the back you have your big old pinky in. There it's called a pinky break so from the front looks like this and you can run your finger down the edge until they say stop. When they say stop you don't grab from here you grab from the back and look as if you're grabbing from there and then there's that ace of spades. Let me show you from the back what it looks like from the front you're going to rip it down with your thumb until they say stop then you're going to pick up the cards from this break you have in the back and then show them that card how cool is that.

5. Break and Cut card Forces

For this next one set up your cards in the same way have your force card in the middle of the deck with the other half of the pack on top but with that special pinky break.

Lets Watch it in the video how this trick is done.

I'm going to cut the cards just tell me when to stop. They say stop well guess what continue that cut you started. There's the chosen card if they were to continue and say stop here's that chosen card so just keep track of where that chosen card is. In the pack and it's either going to be here or here start by pulling small sections off as you say I'm going to cut the cards like this just tell me when to stop well during all that they're not going to say anything because you're talking now continue knowing that that's the last piece and here's the chosen card if they say stop go great here's your card if you go another one and they say stop there's the card well if they go to the very end and you're all done see well now we're out of cards here's your chosen card so without seeing this in action it's going to be hard for you to believe how simple and effective this is so I'm going to grab my camera man all right here hold out your hands for me I'm going to go through the cards like this very slowly what I want you to do is just tell me when to stop stop you sure yeah okay remember your card see once again that secret Ace of Spades well that's going to go to the cards like this and you just tell me when to stop anytime you want stop you sure okay well here's your chosen card

6. Criss Cross Cut Force

This next one's great because all you do is have them cut the cards. all you do is have the spectator, cut the cards any where they want you take the remaining cards. Turn them side ways and Mark where the spectator cut that's all you have to do

I know its little bit confusing Watch This part of the video that explains Criss cross cut force

then talk about the card trick or whatever you're about to do with them and say let's take a look where you cut and then you show them their chosen card so the setup is so simple put the chosen card or force card on top have them cut take the remaining cards and put them on the deck the other direction it's called a criss cross force you've marked it then you look up and make eye contact for just a moment so they forget which half is which and say we're going to try something impossible let's see where you cut you pick up the pack that you placed on to their card and then you show them the card it fools everybody once again the chosen cards on top they cut you mark it you take off the part you put there and show them the card that was on top originally but it looks like it's a card they cut too

7. Add on Force Using Card Case

I've been doing magic professionally for 20 years and I have made up a lot of weird ways to do things with card here's one of them

Watch Video clip

I've been doing magic professionally for 20 years and I have made up a lot of weird ways to do things with card here's one of them have someone literally shuffle up the cards take the cards back you put them into the card case you give them the card case and then talk to them a minute about the trick you're about to do so we're going to try something insane you shuffled up the card I haven't touched them take the card out. I just look at the top card real quick put it back in the deck so I can't peek so they take the cards they pull them out of the deck themselves they just shuffle them they look at the top card and guess what it's that fourth card once again so the setup of this is very simple take this one from the deck place it in here put it on the table have them shuffle up the cards any way they want take those cards from them they're not going to remember this part trust me put those into the pack but do it in a way so that that card is facing in the direction it needs to be so it ends up being on top slide those in there close them up and make a big deal about I don't want to touch them you take the cards give them back to them and then continue with the dressing that you want to do for your trick just like the crisscross force as long as you're looking up they have the cards and you're talking they're going to forget who did what a moment later it's that simple

8. Add on Force Using ENVELOPE

This next one's great if you already have a prediction inside of an envelope or maybe inside of the card case check this out.

Have a person takes the card shuffle them up and then drop cards or deal on to the table and stop whatever they want, and it'll be their selected card. Let's say a spectator is dealing on the table and they choose to stop right there you take the card case and say I'm going to mark it that's where you stopped.

Watch this part of the Clip explains how you will trick your audience with this trick.

Have a person takes the card shuffle them up and then drop cards or deal on to the table and stop whatever they want, and it'll be their selected card. Let's say a spectator is dealing on the table and they choose to stop right there you take the card case and say I'm going to mark it that's where you stopped.Let's try something, and then you talk about your trick and then here's what you're doing secretly is on the back of the card case you have that force card. So when you mark where they've stopped, you've added this card to the pile so. Obviously, you can do this easily with an envelope as well.Let's say there's a prediction inside of here so you can have them deal a certain amount of cards inside of here could be a piece of paper. That says I knew you would stop at the ace of spades you take the envelope they stop you place this on here square them up and then, of course, say inside of here don't touch it says inside there's a prediction they take this and of course you force this card.

9. Short Card & Riffle Time Card Forces

This next one forces the card in their mind it is so cool and so simple. Watch this I'm going to rip through the card.

Like this I want you to remember one card but not the bottom card. Watch you got one so you probably already suspect what's going on because you're familiar with the fact that I'm forcing you the ace of spades. Right now but what's going on

Watch how it is going to work

This next one forces the card in their mind it is so cool and so simple. Watch this I'm going to rip through the card. Like this I want you to remember one card but not the bottom card. Watch you got one so you probably already suspect what's going on because you're familiar with the fact that I'm forcing you the ace of spades. Right now but what's going on is there's a slight delay at that particular card. How does that happen well the card right before it is shortened by just a little bit? Let me show you how you make this card you simply take a pair of scissors and cut off about a sixteenth of an inch of that card, and this is what goes on to the deck right before your force card.Here this shortened card it's going to go onto the deck and then here's the rest of the pack with my force card right here and then just kind of pack it down so that there's a little gap between that card. In your card the force card so when you riffle watch what happens automatically stops at that spot, so it comes down to you just timing this, and it forces that card in the mind.

10. Bottom slip Card forces

This next one just might be the first card force most people learn. Because it's so simple and it doesn't look very magical but what happens is you simply pull back cards one at a time until you tell you to stop and then when they say to stop you lift up the cards, and there's the force card.

Watch this force in this video Clip Below

Video Transcript

As you slide back the top cards one at a time, you're asking your spectator to tell you when to stop but little do they know that underneath you've pulled the bottom card. Underneath those cards with your thumb as you're pulling these top cards back. So when they say stop it's a straightforward matter to just lift up the cards and the bottom card comes with it. How cool is that so the setup for this is obviously putting the force card on the bottom and as you're pulling back those top cards slowly. Pull back that bottom card with your thumb so that when they say stop you can easily pull that up and reveal the force card.

Bonus: Glide Card Forces

Here is last and Final Bonus Card force which you are doing to learn now. 
Click on the play button and enjoy

Video Transcript

here's a bonus one for you and it might be a little weird for some of you what you're going to do is pull back the bottom card with your finger from underneath from the from the top or the front you can't tell what you're gonna do is pull out cards and place them on the table until your spectator says stop when they say stop of course what you do is reach underneath far enough to grab the actual force card and pull it out and show it to them it'll look like it came right off the bottom and whats cool about this and the reason I 'm teaching it to you is because learning to do this little move will come in handy for other card tricks that I might teach you in the future once again this is what it looks like inaction just pull cards out until they tell you to stop let's say they say stop pull out the card there it is so when I first pulled out the cards from the pack the force card was on the bottom already and I immediately just pulled it back a little bit so I can pull the other cards just make sure your hands down the entire time it's as simple as that right guy we can't-do a card force video without a card giveaway so here's custom deck cars with a 32-page book of tricks you can do at home to fool your friends so comment down below smash that like-button like mad please share this video comment down below and let me know you've done so and I'll pick a random name and I will send us off to one of you alright guys thank you so much for the sport I'll catch you guys next week peace subscribe to CardTricks NewsLetter or else

Just for the helping resource here are the wikipedia details about Card tricks and card forces and  Mentalism

Signed Card From Deck Appears In Pocket Tutorial

This is A great little card trick that is based entirely on your sleight of hand skills.

What Does it looks like?

The Spectator chooses any card in the deck and signs it. You then place it at the center of the deck. Instantly, you reach into your coat pocket to show the signed card. You then place it back into your jacket pocket, and then open the deck of cards. There in the middle, is the signed card again.

What do you really require?

  1.  A deck of cards
  2. A jacket
  3. A pencil

You Don't need to have a pen to do this trick.

It just Adds to the effect because there may be no speculation of a copy card and forcing the one on the audiences.

Let's Take a look at the card trick being done, and the revealed tutorial below first.

Card Trick video which shows performing Jacket pocket Card trick that is Deleted we will update it as soon as possible till then you can watch this video and learn same trick

How is it done?

The first part is hiding the card. You’re only pretending to put the card into the middle of the deck. The card actually hides in your right hand. And it stays there as you pretend to put it into your jacket and take out the card.

CArd trick revealed
card trick
card tricks for kids

The trick can actually end right after you take it out from your jacket and it would still amaze the crowd.

However, making it appear back in the middle of the deck just makes it more amazing.

When you put it back into your jacket, again, you’re secretly putting it back into the hand holding the cards without the spectators knowing.

And it looks like this:

signed card trick

The effect of this trick has a lot to do with how you act and perform during it. You have be extremely smooth in your movements so don’t attempt this trick until you are completely confident with every step.

Once you’re done, this is a magic trick that can be performed anywhere and can amaze even the toughest crowds.

Learn More Card Tricks, Visit

What is the Pinky Break Card Sleight

pinky break

Pinky break is an essential move in the card magic. This pinky break is used in numerous tricks.

The major function of the pinky break is mainly to mark the exact position that one wants to control the deck.

Lets for an example when the viewer selected the card from the deck randomly, and then you secretly place that in the center of the deck.

pinky break

By using the pinky break,

you can mark up the real position where exactly the card was inserted. This move is effective to get a number of things done mostly and mainly depends on the card trick which you are performing.

This move helps the magician to do several other sleights like the double lift.

Let suppose if the person, not reached at the level of ability to do double life by its close eyes so it can use a pinky card break until you are able to perform two cards tricks accurately.

and how you can make it accurate in a way that it is hidden from viewers’.

If you want to go beyond the beginners level then read Wiki Detail about Card Manipulation

You might be interested in learning Levitating card trick

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Learn levitating card trick Off The Palm of Your Hand

Learn how to create a card seem as if it levitate up off the palm of your hand. This card trick involves the use of a gimmick card that you just will prepare for yourself. Below is levitating card trick

levitating card trick

You’ll want a bit of clear plastic and super glue to try and do this trick. You'll be able to most likely notice this type of plastic lying around your house from most consumer goods. That you just might have purchased within the past (watch the video if you’re unsure of what I mean).

If you want to learn about levitation here is wiki detail: What is Levitation

Tutorial: LEARN TO levitating card trick

Because of the use of plastic, it’s not great to show in front of an audience who you think will want to take the card and examine it.

That’s the reason many people agree that this is a great levitating card trick for video, but not recommended to perform live.This floating card trick is probably not the best trick for a professional or expert to add to their arsenal, but it’s perfect for beginners. Easy to learn, and fun to perform.

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How to perform the Elmsley Count perfectly?

elmlesly count

Elmsley count is the fundamental sleight card which is essential, most to learn. It is same like the double lift and it is also used in many advanced card tricks.

elmsley count

Image source: Wordix

What is the Elmsley count?

It is the move that is used to hide card tricks within the deck. This move is majorly used at the time when you are doing the trick based on 10 or less cards.

By using this move, you can easily count deck’s cards and show viewers, although keep certain cards concealed from the audience’s eyes.

Therefore, you can able to hold more cards in your hand, but the viewers consider it in the pile.

 Elmsley count Tutorial

To learn Elmsley count you can watch the video given below and go through the tutorial for how to do it well.

Want to learn More Card Tricks? Try our Great list of Card tricks which will help you to become professional if you practice them regularly.

Card Tricks for kids beginners to professional


card shuffling tricks

Card Shuffling tricks are essential to learn so that you must look like a professional with a deck of cards from the time you begin to pick them up. It’s a needed skill for a magician.

If you fail at shuffling, May be you can ruin your reputation being a skilled magician before the beginning of any trick.You can get rid of these problems by practicing these shuffling techniques.

card shuffling tricks

Must be willing master all these shuffles with the new deck of cards, as they can be slicker & stiffer, Making the deck easier to deal with.

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This most famous shuffle is really easy to start, You just shuffle the cards well and looks great, Nothing more!

I often take for granted how great this card shuffling trick looks, but when doing it before playing games with my friends, someone always points out how cool it looks.

HOW TO DO Riffle shuffle?

1st STEP

Put your entire deck of cards in one hand and hold the deck at the top with your thumb.

At the bottom, rest the cards on the top joints of your middle, fourth and pinky fingers.

Keep your pointer finger bent and behind the cards.

This is what it should look like.

card shuffling tricks



Hold the cards tight enough, Don’t allow them to fall out, You can use bent pointer finger for applying pressure from the back of the deck, Must causing it to arch.

You must let half of the deck go by allowing them to riffle out from the thumb of yours’ and then catch them in your other hand.

You should do practice of this step a few times to get mastered.

Once you’ve got the cards in the next hand, You just want to set them up in as it is way that you set up the full deck.

Riffle both parts of the deck onto the table at the same time so that they overlap slightly.


Thirdly, Hold all the cards at their top and always in the center with both of your thumbs.

Place the index fingers around the top edge of the cards in your hands on each side.

Pressure must be applied from the bottom, That causes the cards to arch as you release the pressure from both of the thumbs.

Once the bridge is completed, You can push them all together and repeat the same process from the beginning!

card shuffling trick


card shuffling tricks

2 – THE ONE HANDED card shuffling tricks:-

Another, The most important and impressive card shuffling trick to learn is the shuffle that is done only by a single hand.


We have to start with the same grip again…

1st STEP

Honestly saying, This grip is very un-natural and will feel un-natural to you at first, But with the most practice, You will be able to find yourself easily holding a deck this way easily.

So, Now, Place your thumb as well as your pinky on the bottom edge of the cards. When you hold them in the horizon and the other three remaining fingers on the top.

card shuffling


Lift up with your thumb and then divide the deck in half, and quickly release your middle and ring fingers at the same mean on time.

Move the thumb in counterclockwise direction and your pinky in clockwise direction. Both at the same rate, pushing the cards into two piles very next to each other.

how to shuffle


Now, Apply pressure using middle plus the ring finger to lower the half the deck to make it even with the other half.

Hold the pinky steady when you are applying pressure with the thumb to the other half. This will readily cause the ends of the deck very closes to the body to shuffle them together.

Now, The hardest part to master, As the cards will need to be loose enough to shuffle, but not so loose that they scatter to the floor.

shuffle like pro

Practicing these two card shuffling tricks & begin the perfect beginning to set up all card tricks that you plan to share with your audience.

One must keep in mind, If you fumble with the shuffle, your audience will be looking for mistakes in your performance. No matter you do all correctly except one mistake. So you must learn professional shuffles like these ones to become the best entertainer out there.



You know that with any craft, your hands and muscle memory begins to get extremely comfortable with handling cards over time.

As a professional magician, You probably have a deck of cards in your hand at all times. As doing this is good for your Profession!

It will develop any new skill you learn, Like these shuffles, Very much easier to learn.

So if the cards feel uncomfortable at first, No issue, Just keep playing around with them.

Sooner or later, You will become a master!

Read About Card Shuffling Tricks on Wikipedia

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Power of Four Card Trick

beginners card tricks

Hello again everybody a lot of people have been sending me Emails and asking me to make tutorial about power of four card trick.

This one I really like it's an important mentalism card trick for beginners and it had me stumped.

So the card trick is created by the Robo for one for has 71 uploads. Most of his videos have less than 100 views. He does a lot of card trick tutorials this trick that he created is called the power of Four.

Power of four

Power of Four Tutorial

Let me show you now how you do power of four card trick. It is an important trick and I think it is brilliant.

You shuffle the cards you can give the cards. If you're going to show the trick to a fellow magicians. Give the cards a couple of false cuts and then you can take the cards and give the cards a shuffle. Nice riffle shuffle slowly push the cards together and this will fold them wondering.

I'll be wondering what that false cut was all about because you're clearly mixing the cards. Now what you want to do is you want to take the cards you want to spread all the cards so they can check that they're in no particular order what you're doing.

Now you are going to memorize the card in the fourth position. watch video below so that you understand how it is going to work.

watch the Video Below for More Visual Demonstration.

so it's these simple easy card tricks that I'm really impressed with because some of them are magician Fuller's. Some of them I can't even figure out.

so let me know what you guys think.Did you figure it out do you like it? check out our other tutorials.

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