Mastering Magic: Top Playing Cards for Card Tricks

Best Playing Cards for Card Tricks

Explore the mysterious world of card tricks and magic. Here, a deck of cards is a portal to wonders and surprises, not merely a tool for playing poker. Whether you’re a novice or an expert in the art of magic, the appropriate deck of playing cards is the cornerstone of any show. Which playing cards …

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Advanced Card Forces: Techniques and Variations

Advanced Card Forces

Advanced card forces are an important part of card magic. By forcing a card, the magician effectively removes any chance of the spectator guessing the correct card. This greatly increases the impact of the trick. In this article, we will explore some advanced techniques and variations of card forces. Key Takeaways Card forces control spectator’s …

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5 Amazing Card Tricks For Kids

card tricks

We all attended the magic show and loved this trick of the magician pulling the bunny out of his hat. Card tricks have been passed down for generations to keep magic alive. As a kid, you are always looking for these cool card magic tricks to entertain yourself, friends and family. There are some card …

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Unveiling the Magic: A Deep Dive into 101 Clever Card Tricks

101 Clever Card Tricks

Playing cards have always been a mainstay for both novices and seasoned magicians in the fascinating field of magic. The book “101 Clever Card Tricks” is a standout as a fantastic resource for everyone interested in learning more about card magic. With 101 tricks outlined within its pages, it serves as a comprehensive guide that …

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Joshua Jay’s Amazing Book of Cards – card magic book

Finally, Joshua Jay’s Amazing Book of Cards – card magic bookhere’s how to do all those showy tricks and flourishes that card players are dying to know: how to send a deck cascading from one hand to the other. How to snap open two flawless fans. How to cut a deck with one hand. Choose …

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Simple Card Tricks For Kids and Beginners ( Step by Step Guide )

Card tricks

Most of the Children’s don’t have any activity to do in spare time and to keep them busy and engaging here I collected some interesting Card tricks. As we are aware of children’s psychology and they love the mystery of magic. They can become like their favorite magician by learning these simple card tricks. They …

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How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube Instantly (As a Magic Trick)

rubik cube magic trick

A few days ago, I was watching Penn and Teller’s hit TV show, Fool Us. On the show, a magician named Steven Brundage performed a magic trick using a Rubik’s Cube that blew away the audience. How is a Rubik’s Cube used in magic? The classic Rubik’s Cube magic trick is to solve it instantly… faster than humanly possible. The magician …

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The Levitating Woman – Stage Trick Revealed

magic trick revealed

We’ve all seen it before: The Levitating Woman. It has to be one the oldest illusions in the history of stage magic. It’s one of those tricks where you would never be able to figure out how it works unless someone told you.   You’re about to see why in just a minute. What the …

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How to perform a False Cut? (Complete Easy Tutorial)

false cut

Primarily, false cut used in different and many card magic. It is the name of the move for cutting deck several times within the hand by giving a look that you are shuffling. You will need to make sure while shuffling you should keep the card in the same exact order in these were before …

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Revealed: David Blaine’s Impossible, Disappearing Card Trick on Jimmy


To Market his TV special, Real or Magic, David Blaine Seemed on the Jimmy Kimmel show. There, he revealed why Harrison Ford kicked him out of his house and other disappearing card tricks he played on celebrities. During His interview, he performed a disappearing card trick that astonished the audience and left Jimmy Kimmel speechless. If …

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Dream of Aces Card Trick

dream of aces card tricks

The Dream of Aces (also referred to as Grandpa’s Aces) is an incredible card trick which utilizes many card slights. I first saw it as it had been done with David Copperfield at one of his magical shows. It seemed amazing. It’s among those very few card tricks that David Copperfield really performs so that you can imagine …

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